Act- Belong- Commit Hansel and Gretel (An Adventure)

August 22 – 26 BOOK WEEK!!
$300 per incursion (maximum 150 students)
Suitable Years K - 6
Running Time 50 – 60 minutes

Hansel and Gretel can’t sleep. They toss and turn before deciding to embark on a midnight adventure into the Forrest. Along the way they meet some curious creatures, learn how to sing in cat language and finally magic their way home. This exciting, interactive, crazy musical adventure is a fresh take on a classic fairy tale. Featuring the works of Rossini, Ravel, Bizet, Humperdinck and more this incursion provides opportunities across multiple curriculum areas.

"I thought you were just going to come onto stage and sing a few opera songs for us but instead you made it hilarious, funny and most of all entertaining!"
— Year 6 student