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A Spellbinding Journey Through Fairy Tales

Our "Hansel and Gretel An Adventure" during Book Week 2023 was a magical excursion into the world of fairy tales, music, and imagination. We thank all the young explorers, from Kindergarten to Year 6, who joined us for this unique musical adventure that took us deep into the forest of enchantment and fun.

As we look back on this whimsical journey, we are inspired by the joy and creativity it sparked in students. While we are yet to determine our plans for 2024, the spirit of Hansel and Gretel's adventure remains close to our hearts. We are always exploring new ways to bring such captivating and educational experiences to life.

Stay Tuned for Future Adventures

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For inquiries or to express your interest in future events, please reach out to us at [email protected].

"I thought you were just going to come onto stage and sing a few opera songs for us but instead you made it hilarious, funny and most of all entertaining!"
— Year 6 student