Opera is a multi-dimensional art form that beautifully brings together music, movement, drama, design and more. We invite you to explore the heart of the company as we reach out to all corners of our West Australian community. We want to learn, dream, laugh, think and sing with you and offer a wide range of programs for people of all ages to explore and engage with.

The arts should be accessible to all learners. Our school-based programs offer teachers, students and home-schoolers an opportunity to enrich their learning experiences. Curriculum links include but are not limited to: Responding, Making, Introduction of Musical Concepts, Historical Context, Literacy, Creative and Critical Thinking, Intercultural Understanding and Personal and Social Capabilities.

Our community programs are designed for everyone to enjoy and foster a sense of friendship and engagement in participants of all ages. You can sing, learn and play with us across a number of spaces from the privacy of your home to the inside of a theatre.

We'd love to hear from you. Contact our Education Manager, Terasa Letizia at [email protected]