West Australian Opera is proud to present a digital adaptation of the short, one-act comic opera The Telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti.

This is a story of love at social distance, the allure of digital technology and the forgotten treasure of being present in moments that truly matter. 

"Our contemporary digital adaptation of this opera brings to the screen the comedy and absurdism of Menotti’s The Telephone. Lucy and Ben have been stuck together in their house for some time, both sinking into their own interests. Lucy is pining for a return to her life outside and is obsessed with making video calls to find that connection. We’re using the style of zoom calls in the visual language of the opera to tell the story of a couple who are physically together, but aren’t really listening to each other. They do find a way to connect in the end though!"
— Katt Osborne, Director


Lucy (Wesfarmers Arts Young Artist, Chelsea Burns) and Ben (Wesfarmers Arts Young Artist, Lachlann Lawton) are living together in their newly renovated suburban house. When Ben decides to propose to Lucy, a comedy of errors ensues as Ben fights for Lucy’s attention amidst her endless urgent and high stakes calls with all her friends. It’s 2020, and the telephone has been substituted for a glowing tablet, the zoom app and another day in isolation.

Watch now - https://youtu.be/QSoMB0aNpYM 


Music Director Chris van Tuinen
Director Katt Osborne
Set and Costume Designer Tyler Hill 
Lucy Chelsea Burns
Ben Lachlann Lawton
Pam Bernadette Lewis