Most recently performed as part of the Perth Fringe Festival, this immersive production experience aimed at Secondary School students explores the gothic and supernatural side of Art Song, Opera and Musical Theatre. Performed at the Liberty Theatre, this spooky show encourages multisensory engagement for students and applies to many aspects of West Australian Curriculum across a range of subjects including Music, Drama, English, Literature and Humanities.

Date: Thursday September 12
Venue: Liberty Theatre Perth
Duration: 90 minutes with an interval

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Links to West Australian Curriculum by Subject


  • Use of given frameworks and reflective strategies to evaluate music performances and discussion of different points of view (ACAMUR098)
  • Exploration and discussion of different audience behaviour and performance traditions across a range of settings and musical styles (ACAMUR098)”
  • Development of personal opinions and musical preferences, analysing and discussing the influence of music and appreciating differing opinions and perspectives about music (ACAMUR105)
  • Development of personal preferences and aesthetic appreciation, differentiating between subjective and objective interpretations when comparing and evaluating stylistic interpretations of a range of music (ACAMUR105)


Year 11 Music Analysis:

  • How a composer has applied, combined, and manipulated music elements and concepts to create a music work.
  • Evaluate relevant personal socio-political and/or cultural influence.
  • Analyse how the composer has expressively communicated narrative through the application, combination and manipulation of the music elements and concepts.


Year 12 Music Analysis:

  • Analyse and understand ways in which the elements and characteristics of music can be applied to express:
    • personal identity
    • socio-political identity
    • cultural identity
  • Students analyse and understand music that demonstrates innovative use of music elements and concepts, responding to how this challenged, further developed or reimagined music traditions to create new ideas, and communicate new meanings.



  • Explore the ways that ideas and viewpoints in literary texts drawn from different historical, social and cultural contexts may reflect or challenge the values of individuals and groups (ACELT1626)
  • Discuss literary experiences with others, sharing responses and expressing a point of view (ACELT1603)”
  • Listen to texts constructed for different purposes, for example to entertain and to persuade, and analyse how language features of these texts position listeners to respond in particular ways (ACELY1740)
  • Analyse texts from familiar and unfamiliar contexts, and discuss and evaluate their content and the appeal of an individual author’s literary style (ACELT1636)
  • Evaluate the social, moral and ethical positions represented in texts (ACELT1812)
  • Representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
  • Comparing texts of different genres and contexts.
  • Investigate the relationships between language context and meaning.
  • Examine the language, structure, and features of imaginative texts.
  • Evaluating how responses to texts are influenced by the reader’s cultural context.
  • Compare texts in a variety of modes.
  • Investigate the representation of ideas, attitudes, and voices in texts.
  • Gothic literature studies, poetry, languages, history, contextual and ethical discussions etc.



  • Representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
  • Evaluate the ways in which literary texts represent culture and identity.
  • Evaluate the ways in which representations of the past allow a nation or culture to recognise itself.
  • Evaluate the influence of the reader’s context, cultural assumptions, social position, and gender.
  • Understand how language, structure and stylistic choices are used in different literary forms.
  • Examine the ways in which contexts shape how a text is produced then received and responded to by
  • readers/audiences.
  • Analyse and reflect on the relationships between authors, readers, texts and contexts.

Event and ticketing details


Wheelchair Access

Dates & Times

Production Thursday September 12 - 10:30am, 6:30pm


Group Tickets $30.00 - complementary tenth ticket for every nine tickets purchased.
Students and Concession $30.00
Adult $40.00

Event notes


90 minutes including an interval


For more information, contact our Education Manager at [email protected]

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